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Nanos - LabourWatch survey results - State of the Unions - 2011

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Toronto, September 5, 2011 – New results from a Nanos Research survey of 1,000 employed Canadians, commissioned by the Canadian LabourWatch Association (LabourWatch), shows the majority of working Canadians (whether unionized or not) say they want union financial transparency and an end to the use of union dues for non-workplace political activities such as negative political attack ads.

“When it comes to giving the union bosses carte blanche on spending worker dues on politics Canada stands alone," said LabourWatch president John Mortimer. "In virtually every other major economy, including the 47 nations composing the Council of Europe, Australia and the United States, the law bars unions from forcing unionized workers to pay dues for politics or be fired from their jobs.”

Eighty-three (83%) of working Canadians believe that Canadian law should require both public and private sector unions to be financially transparent with the public.

Seventy-three (73%) of all working Canadians are opposed to dues being spent on negative political attack ads. John Mortimer, president of LabourWatch said, “This clearly shows union leaders are not respecting the wishes of unionized Canadians when 72% are opposed to the types of negative attack ads being run by a unions or union front groups.

With up to five provincial elections planned or possible this fall, some of which already have heavy union political activity, this must be a key issue for political debate. In fact, Canada appears to be the only country left that still allows a union to get a worker fired if they do not pay dues for politics.

“Sitting governments need to respect the wishes of Canadians, particularly unionized Canadians (whether or not they are actually also Members of the union at their workplace) whose wishes are ignored or misrepresented by union leaders”, concluded Mortimer.

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To arrange an interview with John Mortimer, please call (604) 721-0133 or by email at john@ đăng ký nhận tiền cược miễn phí Complete survey results are available at đăng ký nhận tiền cược miễn phí đăng ký nhận tiền cược miễn phí For interviews in French or with Quebec-based media please call Louis Fortin at 514-923-0000.

Nanos Research conducted a random representative telephone survey of 1,001 employed Canadians between July 20-25, 2011. The margin of accuracy is +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Canadian LabourWatch Association is a federally-incorporated, nonprofit organization. We believe that individual Employees are key labour relations stakeholders. Our Guiding Principles provide a framework for improving Canada's labour laws and their application in order to protect and advance the rights of all Employees.

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